The Truth about Bottled Water

It’s no surprise that food companies flat out deceive us. Hey, I get it, we all need to make a living. But at what cost?

There is no law demanding water bottle companies list where their water comes from on the label. We assume the water comes from what is stated on the bottle. That is just not so. Take Poland Spring, a major supplier in the Northeast. Their delivery service provides offices and residences thousands of gallons of water each year, packaged in their signature five gallon bottles. The water comes from Poland Spring in Maine, right? Actually it’s only a third. The facts can all be found in Peter Gleick’s book, Bottled and Sold: The Story Behind Our Obsession with Bottled Water.

It seems like a lot of money could be saved if all these people switched to tap water. They would also know exactly what was in their drinking water. The government regulates all water utilities and compiles the data into a public comprehensive report. NYC’s is here.

Tap water is the best option for most of the US. NYC has some of the best drinking water in the country. Sourced from the protected Catskill Mountains. You can’t beat it.

Kaaterskill Falls, Catskill Mountains

Kaaterskill Falls, Catskill Mountains

Catskill Mountains Waterfall

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