Uplifting Construction

Meatpacking central has a new art installation! And a great solution to the never pleasant construction of a new building. A new condo building is going up at 345 West 14th Street and we get a delightful addition to the neighborhood.

The building’s developer commissioned Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama to make this huge replica of her black and white spotted “Yellow Trees” painting currently on exhibit at the Whitney Museum. It is perfectly positioned since the Whitney is building their new home very close by.

A vibrant art piece makes for a welcomed addition to the landscape and adds a modern element to the historic neighborhood. This square is the heart of the Meatpacking District, which means this building is in prime view. Without an eye-catching color and pattern, this building would be no more than a construction site, never pleasing to view while enjoying the otherwise delightful neighborhood. New York City also has a program that beautifies construction, Urban Canvas, that works across the city to make every environment pleasing and inspiring.

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