The Buzz in Brooklyn

The bees are starting to swarm in Brooklyn! Take cover! Or actually grab a jar. Local honey on the roof of a warehouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard? No way.

Believe it. This spring Brooklyn Grange will be buzzing and the fans will be swarming to get a taste of nature at its best.

I use honey in everything. Everything. It is my sugar substitute and I also like to think it contributes to my non-existent allergies this pollen-filled spring. One teaspoon a day keeps the pollen away. Honey in muffins, cakes, yogurt, salad dressing, pizza dough and the list goes on and on.

Brooklyn Grange is making my local honey dreams come true on a very large-scale. They already have the largest urban rooftop garden in New York and it is expanding to more than 45,000 square feet in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. 1,000 pounds of honey will be produced with 25 beehives. How are they planning to accomplish this? With a pay-it-forward apprenticeship program! The program will train dozens of beekeepers this season and in return each will receive their our bees to raise next season. The new beekeepers must then commit to training a new crop of aspiring beekeepers to continue the cycle. A program that fulfills so many needs: trains, educates and feeds the body and environment.

The pay-it-forward program does need some actual dollars to make their honey dreams possible. Brooklyn Grange kicked off a Kickstarter campaign, Brooklyn Grange Apiary Project, to raise $20,000 to purchase equipment, safety masks (bee stings-ouch!), tools and infrastructure. For just ten dollars they will name a bee after you and send you its photo! Super cute! Even without my very own bee, local honey is worth it.

Honey is just one amazing product produced by bees. has a great list of products and some not so common uses. Bees add the natural sweetness to life.

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